Executive Summary

Christopher Jablonowski, Shell

On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to welcome our subscribers to the January 2014 issue of SPE Economics & Management (SPEEM). We are pleased to publish four articles that span a wide range of the journal’s topical coverage.

I would like to thank all of our Technical Editors for their significant contributions in 2013. The Board depends heavily on the expertise of the Technical Editors, and some editors were called on several times throughout the year. The average quality of reviews and the turnaround times have been excellent. This performance is impressive given the current pace of work in our industry, and the fact that many of our reviewers manage considerable portfolios in their organizations. Thank you!

For 2014, the Editorial Board is looking forward to another busy year as we continue our efforts to increase the number and diversity of articles in the pipeline and to maintain the high standard of quality that has defined SPE EM since its inception. We experienced a small surge of submissions after the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, and we have had some success soliciting submissions from the larger pool of SPE conference papers. If you have prepared a paper for an SPE meeting, please consider submitting it for peer review.

As always, comments are welcome, especially for special-issue topics. Please feel free to contact me at c.jablonowski@shell.com.